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Re: Episode of the Week: The Neutral Zone

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What's hilarious is, the exact opposite of what Picard wanted to present to the Romulans occurs. I'm sure Picard wanted the Feds to appear determined, resolute and united. Instead they look a little silly from the Romulan POV.
I would argue that the Romulans come off a bit worse. Things were going ok when both commanders agreed to corporate with Picard until one of the commanders tells Picard that the Federation is not wanted and than leaves. What exactly did the Romulans accomplish that benefited them in making contact with the Enterprise? They're actions are about as intimidating as some gamer challenging you only to leave before the game starts.
True, but they were in Federation space.

The Romulans are going to say they went *into* Fed Space, discovered the Feds had been attacked also, appear to be greatly agitated, found that a Klingon is in SF, and that this Galaxy Class is kinda 'soft'. (speculation on my part)

Picard will say both sides have been attacked, the Roms are 'back', they have a badass, undetectable ship....annnnd apparently operate on some sort of co-command system that we will never see again.
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