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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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Moffat is like Hinchcliffe and Holmes rolled into one, JNT and Saward rolled into one. [SNIP] Caroline Skinner, like Beth Willis and Phil Collinson before her, seems like the person who figures out how to make it work and makes the trains run on time down on the shooting floor.
Not sure that's really accurate: yes, Moffat is doing parts of both the old Holmes/Hinchcliffe script editor/producer roles, but... he has script editors who do parts of Holmes's role, and Hinchcliffe's role included a lot of actual production work that is now done by the producer or other exec producer (ie, Marcus Wilson and Caro Skinner).
In effect, Moffat's role is to do the more creative bit of Holmes's role, and the more creative bit of Hinchcliffe's role, but with the authority of Hinchcliffe, whereas Holmes was officially the junior partner (in practice, in the successful teams, they were partners and effective equals. When that wasn't the case, you got the dysfunctional relationship of JNT and Saward).
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