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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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Not true as pointed out. But, again, the current arrangement isn't working. I think he needs more help. Not everyone is equally suited for managing productions (or any large scale projects for that matter). It doesn't reflect badly on him, his skills are more for storytelling.
It seems to me -- and I freely admit that I could be reading the set-up entirely wrong -- that Moffat, like RTD before him, is filling a role that used to be filled by two people. Moffat is like Hinchcliffe and Holmes rolled into one, JNT and Saward rolled into one. Heck, even like Berman and Piller (or Braga) rolled into one. Moffat isn't just the guy running the writer's room (though Who doesn't have a writer's room, he's herding the freelancer cats as though there were a writer's room), he's also the guy who oversees the production as a whole. Caroline Skinner, like Beth Willis and Phil Collinson before her, seems like the person who figures out how to make it work and makes the trains run on time down on the shooting floor; in other words, she's the Bob Justman or Peter Lauritson of Doctor Who rather than the Rick Berman of Doctor Who.

The problem with saying that "Moffat needs help" is that Moffat really seems to enjoy being both Rick Berman and Michael Piller at the same time. He likes being the "name;" splitting apart his duties, even if it's to bring in an Ira Steven Behr-type to herd the freelancers like cats, takes off some of his luster.
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