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Re: Borg tribble subplot?

Redfern wrote: View Post
And, as usual, Doctor Who beat Trek to the punch.


Let me ask you something. If his name is "Doctor Who," why doesn't anyone call him that? Is "Who" his first name, last name, or a nickname? What did he get his doctorate in, and from what university? I mean, if he's like Derek Smart and got his PhD from a diploma mill, then I don't think he has the right to go around calling himself "Doctor" just to get people to listen to him. "Oh, you should trust me. You see, I'm a doctor!" Is there a reason no one's ever gone after this guy for claiming fraudulent academic credentials? Plus, I've heard he's not even from Earth, which makes him an illegal immigrant.

And you think he holds a candle to the might of the Borg tribble.

I say good day, sir.
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