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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

Lance wrote: View Post
...and indeed, to get back to being on topic, John Logan's actual script is terrific, laced with loads of genuine TNG moments.
No, it's not terrific, it's the usual John Logan mess, full of plot holes papered over with fan service. This time he didn't have a good director like Scorcese or Sam Mendes to pull it together, and it shows.

It certainly isn't his fault that director Stuart Baird completely eviscerated the movie in the editing room, literally ripping the heart out of the film in favor of ridiculous, popcorn-friendly set pieces.
Funny, because if you read the script, all the "ridiculous, popcorn-friendly set pieces" are there, too: the Argo dune buggy chase, Data and Picard stealing the fighter, the space battle, the fight in the crawlspace between Riker and the Reman Viceroy. You think Baird pulled those out of his ass as he was filming? It's all there on paper, and it's only slightly less bad than it turned out.
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