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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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It's a rushed ending that doesn't do the concept justice. How did the cult-members react after the initial anger wore off? Nobody knows, the episode wasn't interested in addressing it, instead we get a lame statement from Kira about how Dukat is "more dangerous than ever!"
Yeah, it's one of those cases where an episode introduces and then dismisses too many ideas, or too much material, at once for the whole thing to be really convincing.

Kira and Dukat work well together, though. Always have. There's a sense in which Kira is really a much more natural protagonist for the show than Sisko. The writers try to wrap up the Eddington story and make Dukat Sisko's nemesis, but Kira and Dukat are more natural adversaries. Especially since there's this sometimes-a-little-creepy sexual tension between them.

On the whole, as a fan of DS9, I do wish the whole Prophets/Emissary storyline had been handled in a way that stands up to more scrutiny and repeated viewings. There are quite a few good ideas there, but they never get the development they deserve, and are tied off too abruptly.

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I agree completely. Quark is a great character that is sadly remembered for a lot of bad, silly episodes. The insistence on centring comedic episodes around him devalued the character, and by the final season he was treated less seriously than his nephew.
Probably he needed to be given something to do other than "be the bartender." In the early going, that was ok, because DS9's world had not yet expanded very far beyond the station, and the ensemble cast was still relatively small.

In the later seasons, though, it's no longer enough to keep Quark involved in ways that matter. He even starts to be over-shadowed a bit by Vic Fontaine.

Nog really benefits from getting involved with Starfleet and the Dominion War in a direct way, of course, but that wouldn't work for Quark. Occasionally, Quark can be brought along, as is the case in The Seige of AR-558, but that doesn't work as a regular thing. So, I'm not sure what that other role would have been, exactly. But... probably he needed to be given some more or some different responsibilities somewhere.

Now that I think about it, perhaps the thing to do would have been to expand his role as a galactic business man, but in ways that weren't mainly comic (though maybe they occasionally could have been). He could keep the bar, but also have other interests elsewhere, and perhaps sometimes in ways that were relevant to the war in the later seasons.

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