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Re: Did DS9 "pound for pound" have the best acting cast?

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Actually, don't kill me for saying this, but Avery Brooks always came off as the weakest actor out of the main cast.
I'll agree that in the first couple of seasons Avery Brooks was a little wooden but I thought once he shaved his head he found the character. I mean look at episodes like Far Beyond the Stars and In the Pale Moonlight pretty darn good acting IMO!
"Far Beyond the Stars" is criminally over-rated, and is a good example of Brooks' terrible "over-acting".

I think DS9 actually had as many 'weaker links' in its regular cast (and it's not fair to bundle in all the recurring guest stars, as it gives DS9 an unfair advantage!) as TNG. But for me, it's about the leading man, and Brooks is no Patrick Stewart.
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