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Was watching the movie "Virus" and...(I promise this is on topic mods)

....though the movie was pretty bad (it came out in 1999 starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Sutherland), I couldn't help but be impressed with how they made the cyborgs look in it. It was a weird and disgusting combination of flesh and cybernetics. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Well I was thinking while I was watching it, if JJ Abrams ever decides to introduce the Borg in any of his Star Trek movies (after Into Darkness), then it should be a lot like the cyborgs seen in the "Virus" movie. I mean, these guys were terrifying. Here are some pics of the cyborgs in the movie:

What would you think if JJ Abrams' Borg (if he ever decided to use them) looked like this?

And yes, I know that in Abrams' Star Trek universe, the Borg shouldn't look any different than the Borg in the prime universe. But we all know he would change their look anyway. After all, he changed what the Romulans looked like even though they were from the prime universe.
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