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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

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John Logan's actual script is terrific, laced with loads of genuine TNG moments. It certainly isn't his fault that director Stuart Baird completely eviscerated the movie in the editing room, literally ripping the heart out of the film in favor of ridiculous, popcorn-friendly set pieces.
I could stand to hear some more about this. I was always under the impression it was Logan's script that was the problem. I must rummage around for one
Nah, adding more TNG moments wouldn't change anything about the stupid rest of the film.
The entire film felt exactly like a funeral. The cast all seemed tired out, and the story was a real letdown at the end.

The story as is needed to end on a more upbeat note. Even TWOK ended up hopeful and upbeat.
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