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Re: Dilithium Crystals and Nuclear Fusion - A Star Trek Reunion Story?

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It's the details I'm not entirely sure, yet. "Energizer" by definition suggests a device that supplies power. Apparently it's neither the "batteries" nor the "matter-antimatter reactors" of the Enterprise (i.e. why call it "batteries" when it is in fact the "energizers"?)
It is somewhat nebulous isn't it? I believe the difference is in the definition:
Energizer: A person or thing that energizes

verb (used with object) give energy to; rouse into activity: to energize the spirit with brave words. supply electrical current to or store electrical energy in.

verb (used without object) be in operation; put forth energy.

World English Dictionary
1. to have or cause to have energy; invigorate 2. (tr) to apply a source of electric current or electromotive force to (a circuit, field winding, etc)
You'll notice that in the above definitions an energizer supplies or stores energy AND/OR applies that energy source to something else. This matches up with how they are portrayed (with the dilithium crystals) in TOS. The British also use this definition with for example fence energisers that include main power and battery power as energy sources

However, an energizer by definition does not have to be the source of energy. Sources of energy are the matter-antimatter reactors, fusion reactors and batteries, IMO.

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The way I understood events in "The Naked Time", however exotic and far-fetched, they needed warp power to counteract these gravity effects of contracting Psi 2000 and impulse power would have only / did buy them time.
I don't think so. Impulse was clearly an option to save them before the engines went cold.
BRENT: Helm is not answering to control.
KIRK: Warp us out of here.
BRENT: No response from engines, sir.
KIRK: Impulse power then. Blast us out of this orbit.
BRENT: Impulse engines also dead, sir.
SPOCK: Engine room, we need power!

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That piece of dialogue from "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" you mentioned is very interesting. Apparently, impulse drive belongs to the "secondary systems" (if I recall correctly it is the "secondary drive") but then there are still these enigmatic "auxilaries".
I think Scotty gets the credit here as he was the one that put the ship in orbit, not the automatic helm settings.
SPOCK: Captain? Casualty reports indicate only minor injuries. Engineering reports warp engines non-operational. Mister Scott overrode the automatic helm setting and is holding us in orbit on impulse power.
At that point, the auxiliaries were "on" but impulse power was still being built up as a few lines later they finally have enough power to achieve escape velocity...
SPOCK: We are too low in the atmosphere to retain this orbit, Captain. Engineering reports we have sufficient impulse power to achieve escape velocity.
As to what "Auxiliaries" are... Hmm, if the impulse engines at the beginning of the episode are running already to hold the ship in orbit and battery power is operational (life support, control of the impulse engines) but not the lights and other systems, then could the "auxiliaries" mean "auxiliary non-motive power" or additional fusion reactors that are normally offline?
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