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Re: can star trek animated series be reanimated for a blu ray release

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TAS could be released, as is, on Blu-Ray right now. Although it will probably be tweaked to remove imperfections first.

If they do that, I would hope they would at least try to reanimate one episode. I would love a full-out CGI remake of the entire series, but with the existing voices....
Yes. Just try it. But additional sound fx and all new music. Take TOS music and use that. No replaying songs. This would be a great project as a fan film actually. Too bad no clean audio stems available to fans to use of dialogue-only.

Not enough people would buy TAS to do this. what if...what if they reanimated all the episodes with cgi? And released both versions as a set? Go hog wild on the visuals and make it fully widescreen compositions not protected for 4:3 . Cinema-style visuals. Cut to a very wide shot master or moving camera or a tracking shots with dirty foreground. Maybe even faster editing but the same audio.
They could add reverb to the dialogue and make it sound great for 5.1 surround .
This just keeps coming up ! Some people like the idea, some don't.

I'd love it, with both new widescreen CGI and old versions.

I'd have thought a CGI reanimation would find a market on kids TV channels too.
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