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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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Worth a read: Ray Lewis: Critics Who Bring up Controversial Past Need to Get Facts Straight

Before you ingest those comments, feel free to read the Associated Press’ report from 13 years ago on who ignited the brawl (via St. Petersburg Times): “Evidence showed Baker started the brawl by hitting Oakley in the head with a champagne bottle.”

Evidence—something the anti-Lewis team seems to always forget to include in its argument—suggests that, if anything, Lollar and Baker’s group was the real “gang of hoodlums.” According to the official transcripts of the trial in which Lewis took the stand for the prosecution, Lollar and Baker were literally in a gang.
I'm aware of the story but none of that changes the fact that the other guy lost his life and Ray Lewis helped cover it up while at the same time ratting out his own friends in order to save his career.
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