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Did you have a point, or do you just consider yourself clever?
Well yes actually Dennis. My larger point is that while I think most of Von Dankien's theories are way, "around the bend," I think he asks some interesting questions despite mostly clouds of nonsense.

How for example did some ancient cultures move 100 ton stones up mountain sides in South America without even the aide of pulley technology. How for example did ancient people cut perfect right angles into rocks that require today diamond cutting technology to replicate the task?

If his theories do nothing more than get people to look into how it might have been done without alien help - that ain't necessarily so bad.

The series also has an interesting way of posing the ancient aliens theories by asking a series of questions that try to lead the reader/viewer to a predetermined set of conclusions.

At least that approach is more intellectually honest than the way the bible does so - which presents the entire Jewish/Christian faith [including the laundry list of miracles] as 100% fact - of which more than 1 billion people on this planet drink the kool-aid of - without question.
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