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Re: Abrams: Expect To Cry

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I don't know about anybody else, but I was stirred by the 'signing off' at the end of The Undiscovered Country.
I didn't believe for a second that it was really the end. And indeed, most of the characters popped up again here and there in TNG and others. Chekov and Uhura were back as recently as a few years ago in the fan film Of Gods and Men!
At that very moment though, I assumed that there would be no more ensemble movies and/or cameo appearances by a cast of people I grew to know. So I was saddened to see Star Trek; as I knew it, end.
That is true. It took me ages to realize why, but I always felt there was something amiss about Kirk in Generations. I eventually realized it was the complete absence of Spock. Kirk without Spock there is just... half the punch.
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