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Re: Wormhole aliens in JJtrek?

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The flaw with this thread is it assumes continuity when the hand wave JJverse whatever was created as an attempt to escape it and has already demonstrated it'll ignore the elements it didn't escape.

Unless Kirk's daddy dying really ushered in completely different starship designs, instigated visual contact with the Romulans earlier and so forth... the Prophets are dead in this universe. They never existed.
Earlier Romulan contact makes perfect sense considering what happened to the Kelvin. And as for starship designs, we saw exactly one design of Starfleet ship during The Original Series (three if you include TAS and TOS-R), the older Newtons and Mayflowers may have been unseen contemporaries just like the Mirandas and Excelsiors we kept seeing in Next Gen's era.

As for the wormhole aliens... their discovery would be a century away, so they're as likely to come up as the Kazon. They made so little sense in DS9, they could be twisted quite easily to fit any new situation.
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