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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

Oso Blanco wrote: View Post
The collar is black on the DVD edition as well, it's just that one short scene where it isn't. I wonder why ...
Not even the entire scene—just one shot. Something slipped through the cracks in the paint department during production.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Filmation's background paintings were always the best in the business, really lovely pieces of artwork.
Say what? I can't really call a Critic's Corollary to Sturgeon's Law on that one. The paintings weren't bad, but they were hardly the best in the business.

As for those suggesting a CGI remake of all the animation, that would be fairly easy with today's computer tools, and it would make TAS a truly animated series. But buying the series on DVD or Blu-ray or whatever is meant to be a trip down memory lane, or a revelation to those who did not see the series in first-run. I feel the same way about colorization or the upgraded FX in STAR WARS or TREK TOS. "Remastering" is fine, where noise and other artifacts that were never intended are removed and images are improved for today's display devices. But upgraded FX are "wrong"—they're an insult to the original artists and often do not match the production design of the original, thus standing out. ("Look, I'm a new effect!")

Art is often a compromise of time, materials, and other factors. It's the juggling of those factors that is a significant portion of the "art." Going back and reworking a published piece removes the "art" and turns the piece into a manufactured thing.
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