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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

My wife bought me the Bluray for my birthday last week. I figured I'd watch a little before bed, and ended up watching the whole thing. I *love* this movie.

Urban really does nail Dredd, at least to my mind. Im not a huge fan, but I read 2000AD as a kid, and Dredd was by far the highlight. I've always liked the character, and I think Urban just hit the right notes.

I'd agree that the Stallone version did a better job with the look of Mega City One, and yes, the comics could be pretty bizarre. But Stallone really didn't get the character. Or if he did, he didn't bring that out in his performance. That said, I liked the more grounded take of the Urban version, so no real complaints from me.

Thirlby, by the way was brilliant. I'd never seen her in anything before, but I'll be watching out for her in the future.

I really hope we get a sequel. And I'd be very disappointed if we didn't get both Urban and Thirlby back.

I do have one small complaint. The extras on the disc were pretty poorly put together. I guess they were trying to save a few extra pennies there.
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