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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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And yet RTD was able to produce three series at the same time.
RTD had minimal input on Torchwood throughout it's first 2 series.
He still did more writing on Torchwood and Dr. Who than Moffat has to do on Dr. Who and Sherlock.
I was going to quibble this until I realised you were actually right, of course Moffat only writes one episode of Sherlock per series (although you don't know how much work he's doing on Gattiis and the other fellow's scripts.)

Of course the best episodes of Torchwood RTD wrote came at a time when Who was "taking a semi-break" and coincided with a couple of quite poor specials (which were anything but).

At some point I think creators need to be tied into a contract to spend at least a vast proportion of their time working only on Who. From what I can ascertain about Moffat if the BBC put their foot down I'm not certain he'd take his bat and ball and walk away, he got burned by his experience with US tv, and whilst he was obviously feted by Spielberg I still suspect he likes the level of freedom the BBC affords him.

But again, I think it needs stressing, comparing Who now with Who of even a few years ago needs to take into account the radical change in finances the BBC as a whole are dealing with.
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