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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

WOW. I liked that ending. I really, really did. Junior was a monster. What realistic choice did she have? I wasn't expecting it, so I liked it. Lana you are one tough cookie, though--plastic surgeon or no--she looked too good to be 82 years old.

What a cautionary tale to demonstrate that safe legal abortion is a far better option. Think how many good folks Johnny wouldn't have killed if Lana hadn't wimped out on the abortion. I'm sure some folks will be appalled that she killed her boy, but what choice did she have? He's a serial killer. He isn't going to stop. If she sacrifices herself he just goes on killing.

I found Jude's end to be touching; Kit taking her in was something unexpected as well, but that was the essence of Kit. Hopefully the aliens are keeping him safe and well. His kids knew there was no reason to mourn. Kit's fine.

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