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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

What I want to know is this....

How the heck are they going to explain how Storybrooke survives as a thriving town?

-Where does the food come from for Granny's Dinner?
-Where do the medical Supplies come from for Frankenstein's Hospital?
-Where does the Gas come from that supplies the Gas Station?
-If the curse prevented outsiders from entering the town limits for 28 years? how did the town have internet in the very first episode? Who installed it? Where does the town get power?

Were magics in place to provide all these things previously? If so, are they still in play? If not, they've got more to worry about than strangers in town. They're going to run out of modern supplies in no time at all.

Seriously, why has no one addressed this crap in the show?
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