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Re: Things old ladies do...

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I think both the grey and the black-bordered one are going to look awesome!
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Um... does making rosettes and krumkake seem like an old lady thing?
Not at all! Both are a lot of work to make. I think they'd be too exhausting for old people.
When I was a child, my mom used to make rosettes but the prob is always how to use up the fat afterwards and so she hardly ever makes deep-fried things anymore.
i'd love to try krumkake (I have a recipe that sounds quite authentic) but I haven't been able yet to find the necessaty tools. Yet another alibi for the trip to Sweden and Norway I'm planning for my 50est birthday, heehee
I don't know who got the krumkake iron for my mom, but it was made in Pennsylvania. And I just checked Amazon. They have those irons. If you have an electric stove, those are great. Otherwise, get a hot plate and use that at medium-high heat or until water splashed onto the iron dances around. For the rosettes, I used one of those bucket fryers called a Fry Daddy and filled it with canola oil. I put the cooled oil into an old shortening tub and will put it in a collection box at the local community center tomorrow. It'll become biodiesel!
I was glad to learn how to finally do both of those on my own. Mom can no longer teach me and I have no grandmothers left.
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