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Re: Spiderman 3 Better Than Amazing

i haven't sen ASM yet...because to me, i still can't get over that they essentially remade a movie that's a few years old. It'd be like if the remade the Hobbit (not Asylum style) a couple years after the last movie hits theaters.

As for SP3...i was thinking about putting up a post asking why people hated it so much (compared to 1 & 2). The only thing i can think of that seemed "off" was the Venom side story, that changed Peter Parker's personality to such a goofy extreme.

I think they had a GREAT storyline with Peter's ego getting out of control and having consequences for his relationship. But that got overshadowed by dancing man.

i might reply here if/when i see ASM. (Seems like a movie i can't watch with my kids, like i can the trilogy or Avengers).
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