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Re: Some questions about fan fiction

Technobabble is no substitute for a solid (or at least plausibly extrapolated) scientific explanation of whatever's going on.

BTW, technobabble has been around for far longer than TNG, DS9, or Voyager. I remember a fanfic many years ago where some veteran crewmembers played a prank on a rookie crewmember and sent her looking all over the ship for a "left-handed Ellison framistantor." When Kirk got wind of what was going on, he ordered the Engineering crew (or whoever) to actually produce a working model and install it somewhere in the ship.

I don't remember what they came up with, but it was an entertaining story (set in the post-V'Ger TMP era).
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For some great Original Series fanfic, check out the Valjiir Continuum!
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