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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

EDIT ADD-ON: while there is stuff in the Sackett book that was of interest, it is still hard to judge its accuracy.

Remember, this is the lady who wrote The Making of ST-TMP, and managed to get so much stuff wrong because she mostly showed things from the studio's side. Brick Price gave huge interviews with her detailing his involvement in the props as well as his Phase 2 ENT model work, but in her section about props, she doesn't mention him; instead she makes it sound like the studio's prop man (the guy who hands the props to the actors) actually came up with all this stuff, and wired the gags (not the physical effects guy?!)

So in terms of how screwed over she was on this book or what it contained ... well, I'd be interested in hearing Dillard's side. Was so much of it Sackett's work? maybe ...
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