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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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Doing the ALL MY WORDS IN CAPS thing in TMoST was a little annoying, but then there was that coffee table book Pocket had to pulp because Nimoy wouldn't sign off on it ... that was because GR was supposedly the only person quoted in the book, like he invented every aspect of the the first 25 years of Trek. Steve Roby's site has a slightly different take on the reason, but I think it still ties back into Nimoy/GR issues.
I assume the pulped book you are talking about is Star Trek: The First 25 Years?

If that's the case, where does the anecdote about it only quoting Roddenberry come from?
I SAID his page had a different recollection of the event but that it involved Nimoy/GR issues. I'm pretty sure I first read about this in CINEFANTASTIQUE -- and this was during the Mark Altman era, when they were still on top of their game -- that instead of having loads of quotes from everybody as planned, it was pretty much all GR, and Nimoy took issue with that. Since Nimoy had (may still have for all I know) veto power over anything containing his likeness, he vetoed.

This kind of thing isn't a one-off ... very recently, the lady who re-voiced nearly all of the early Bond girls came out with her autobiography, but was forced to pulp the run because Roger Moore withdrew permission to use his introduction ... That's a case of really playing foul pool, as we're talking an elderly lady with scant resources, somebody who is being picked on by the current Bond producers (hey, I won't discriminate, ALL of the Bond producers were sue-happy jerks) because she is daring to say that she got nothing on the back end for her work.

So I guess they can pull Roger Moore's strings as easily as ever to screw this woman over, just like the previous producers tried to trash the first honest book about Bond, THE JAMES BOND FILMS, by making sure the author had no access to pictures with which to illustrate the volume, so he had to get them all from wire services and the like ... and that was a dedicated Bond fan who wasn't looking to screw them over, and in fact would have been a better choice to look after their interests than the guys they have doing all that stuff for them now. !

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