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Never had a flu shot. Probably never will.

In my experience the people who get flu shots are the ones that get sick. Everybody and their mother was sick with some nasty achy, pukey, diarrheaey something last month, but I managed to power through.

I had my tonsils removed back in 2003, and since then I have only gotten sick twice.
Have you considered the fact that people who get the flu shot are more likely to be people who are immune-compromised -- older people, children, and people with chronic illnesses? Did you consider that this indeed makes them more likely to contract any disease, not only flu? And that we tend to use the term "flu" broadly here, to describe any bad cold or even stomach bug? So, perhaps, you know, the whole correlation does not equal causation thing -- people who get flu shot get sick: people get sick because they are more prone to get sick, and people get flu shot because they are more prone to get sick.

Not everyone needs the flu shot, but frankly, I find people's endless anecdotal evidence (read, not at all evidence -- anecdotal evidence is worse than useless) about how so-and-so always gets the shot and always gets sick, and I never get shots and I never get sick, exhausting. It feeds into the dangerous and stupid mindset of the antivaxer. And while flu shots aren't as vital as say, whooping cough, mumps, or tetanus vaccines (nor indeed, are they as effective), they still save a lot of lives. I suspect many of the people who died of flu this year never got flu before either.

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