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Re: Rank the Masters

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John Simm - Sorry guys, I liked him (even though in my reality, I would have tapped Anthony Head for the part, but ah well).
Anthony Head as the Master becomes Prime Minister? So, would that mean that Doctor Who would exist in the same continuity as Little Brittain.
Drat, I didn't realize he was already well known for a show in the UK already (I only know him from Buffy and DW). Pity that. When I think of him, I imagine the administrator from "School Reunion". Particularly that scene by the pool with Tennant. He has that smooth, yet slightly mad quality that makes a good Master.
He's known for a few shows in the UK. Shortly after he left Buffy, he did a drama about wealthy middle-aged men called Manchild. (That show also starred Don Warrington, who played the President of Great Britain in the alternate universe in "Rise of the Cybermen.") He also played Uther Pendragon on Merlin.

But then, nothing about Little Britain should be taken too seriously. Tom Baker provides the narration and he's constantly breaking the 4th wall. In one episode, he just refers to Anthony Stewart Head as "That guy from Buffy." In another, Tom Baker insists that there's never anything good on TV "except for Doctor Who reruns and that one episode of Black Adder II that I'm in."
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