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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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Interesting, and a surprising choice. I'd think they'd play it safe with some Tom Baker initially. It's what they used to play when they had classic Who back in the day.
True! PBS stations which were running the Doctor back in th 80s would only go as far back as Pertwee.

But the truth is, even back then, there was an interest in both Hartnell and Troughton episodes. All any network executive had to do was attend a convention and see how many people attended and sat through the entire version of "War Games." Heck, i knew people who went into that video room with their pajamas on! (They always showed "War Games" after 10 p.m.)

You can't appreciate the latter Doctors without seeing those who went before them and I wish BBCA would realize that we feel that way.
I saw Hartnell and Troughton on KRMA in Denver back in the 80s. So, some stations showed them.

I also disagree that you can't enjoy the latter Doctors without seeing the earlier Doctors. Sure you can! It's not like it's required viewing! I happen to love all the Doctors. But surely people can enjoy the new ones without seeing the old. In fact, if I were to introduce someone to DW, I would specifically start with the new. If they like it, I'd suggest that they might also like the classics series. But, I certainly wouldn't start there.

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