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Re: Pick my next 3 classic DVD purchases

Well, so far in the results, "The Time Meddler" is running away with this. (It's a bit of an awkward purchase though, economically. It's the only one on the list that isn't the same price as any of the others.)

And, just like in the last poll, no love for "The Mutants." That one sure seems like the bottom of the barrell for the Pertwee years. (Although, I've heard from some people who think "Colony in Space" is worse.)

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Not trying to discourage you from buying DW, but if you compare prices, you'll find that B&N recently raised theirs across the board. Even with b2g1, you will likely be able to buy all 3 at Amazon or elsewhere for cheaper.
I had a bad experience several years ago with Amazon & a phishing scam, so I've been reluctant to go back. Plus, I like supporting the local brick & mortar stores. (Plus, if it's not a limited time sale, I can't really justify the expense to myself.)

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Timelash, The Gunfighters and Warriors of the Deep.

There, no need to thank me...
I see what you did there. I actually already own all of those stories. (I purchased "The Gunfighters" during their last sale.)

Of those 3, I'm not even sure the list is actually that dire.

I'm actually quite fond of "The Gunfighters." I like Hartnell's historical comedies and I think Hartnell is more on top of his game here than usual. (If you actually wanted to spoil my Hartnell viewing, you'd be better off suggesting a 6-part slog like "The Sensorites" or "The Web Planet" or even one of the more uninspired 4-parters like "The Ark" or "An Unearthly Child.")

"Timelash" gets kind of a bad rap. And while I agree it's not a high water mark for the series, it's still decent. Its only crime is that it's aggressively low-budget & middle-of-the-road. It just kind of sits there like "Image of the Fendahl" or "The Creature from the Pit."

But I will concede that "Warriors of the Deep" is shite. In fact, I can only think of 2 classic stories that are unequivocally worse-- "Destiny of the Daleks" & "Mawdryn Undead."
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