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Re: Flu Season

The flu is not that bad in the Chicago area. I'm the only person I know of that is struggling with something. At first it was just some post-nasal drip down the back of my throat and now I'm blowing nose.

I hit this thing with 1,000 milligrams of Vitamin C every day and two days of Robitussin. I think it's going to pass without making me really, really sick.

Up your Vitamin C and A to help your immune system beat whatever it is you have. Use hand sanitizer religiously. A couple of days of Tylenol won't hurt you either.

I really think they're blowing this flu thing out of proportion. There's always some virus that is going around.

If there is an epidemic it's because:

1. People are going to work sick because they're afraid or they can't afford to take the day off.
2. We eating all this processed food products because real food (grown in the earith) is too expensive for us to afford.
3. Almost nobody has health insurance so they can get the proper medical treatment.

And with that, I say, God Bless America!
"You may be wrong, but you may be right." - Billy Joel
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