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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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Doing the ALL MY WORDS IN CAPS thing in TMoST was a little annoying, but then there was that coffee table book Pocket had to pulp because Nimoy wouldn't sign off on it ... that was because GR was supposedly the only person quoted in the book, like he invented every aspect of the the first 25 years of Trek. Steve Roby's site has a slightly different take on the reason, but I think it still ties back into Nimoy/GR issues.
I assume the pulped book you are talking about is Star Trek: The First 25 Years?

If that's the case, where does the anecdote about it only quoting Roddenberry come from?

The Complete Star Trek Library -- quoting from Susan Sackett's memoir -- confirms that Nimoy didn't sign off on the book, but for a different reason than the one you suggest:

According to Sackett, the rumor that Leonard Nimoy was responsible for the book's cancellation is true. First he was late in signing off on photos of him in the book, and then he wanted editorial changes made to the text of the book. After a closed-doors meeting with Roddenberry, his lawyer Leonard Maizlish, Leonard Nimoy, and his attorney (but not Sackett), Maizlish told Sackett "that the book was on hold because Leonard Nimoy didn't think the prose 'lofty enough,' as Maizlish put it, and wanted it more in the style of someone like Bill Moyers." [p.189]
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