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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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Star Trek V, written by Shatner... Kirk is of so epic proportions that the proper antagonist for him is God... and God dies. How much bigger of an ego can you get than that?
oh please. The theme was pure Roddenberry.

SPOILER, it seems...
it wasn't actually God.
Roddenberry's ego issues may not have gotten the same play, but his had to have been way up in the Stratos-phere ...

Doing the ALL MY WORDS IN CAPS thing in TMoST was a little annoying, but then there was that coffee table book Pocket had to pulp because Nimoy wouldn't sign off on it ... that was because GR was supposedly the only person quoted in the book, like he invented every aspect of the the first 25 years of Trek. Steve Roby's site has a slightly different take on the reason, but I think it still ties back into Nimoy/GR issues.
You make a very good point about Roddenberry likely having a monumental ego.

Strangely, reading Justman's accounts in his book some years back I was taken with the similarities between his description of Roddenberry, many of his recollections of said boss and Gene's entire style of negotiation and avoidance of responsibility. It was almost to a point very much like the co-owner of a company I once worked for as an operations manager....right down to the late night brainstorming and other sordid dalliances. Given my experiences with that character and the similarities with Roddenberry, I have no trouble at all pinning 'Bird' as having a massive ego despite never having actually met the man.
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