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Re: I'm sitting in on a couple of classes!

Hell yeah! I am a perpetual student and I'm proud. I like to learn new things, otherwise I feel like my brain is going dead...and I'm not growing as an individual.

I reallly hate it when I hear kids today saying a college education is a waste of time because when they get out they're not gonna get a job anyway. Well, they're not gonna get a job because the economy is bad not because the college degree is a waste of time!

I hope to get a couple of master's degrees and maybe a doctorate in : Astrophysics with a emphasis on stellar atmospheres; Atmospheric Science, with emphasis on magnetic fields of planetary bodies; Vulcanology, with emphasis on Shield Volcano growth and physiology and Wildlife Rehabilitation, so I can help any animal that I see along the roadside that is in need of help. I have already been a wildlife monitor for the past four years studying the family structure of Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks an how ithey relate to the urban environment (since we keep on taking away all their habitats).

And you know what? My friends all think I'm crazy, but I don't freakin' care. I could be out drinking, doing drugs and all sorts of terrible stuff but instead I choose to improve my mind and the world around me.

Study on, my friend. Take whatever classes you want. There is nothing wrong with personal enrichment. Would you rather be like the rest of the populace, lying on the sofa watching mindless reality shows in cable TV? Now that is a true waste of a life!
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