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Re: The Worf & Troi romance... what are your thoughts on it?

It was a weak idea, without doubt, but look on the bright side, it did wonders for fixing that awful "Ill advised romance of the week" phenomenon she'd had for far too long

The douche from "The Price"
The geek from Masterpiece Society
The Creep from Man of The People

Although, in her defense, Beverly's passing ship's were far creepier, the metamorphosing man, the symbiont that ends up in Riker, & the god awful Ghost

The ugliest part of the show were everyone's one off romance episodes. Picard's 2 were the only ones that even worked at all

The show needed a healthy budding relationship, or at least they thought so, & they'd exhausted the Riker/Troi & Crusher/Picard angles. They were grasping at straws
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