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Re: Two-offs: Crew members appearing in only two episodes

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  • Angela Martine -- Barbara Baldavin was called "Angela" in "Balance of Terror" and "Shore Leave," but was called "Lisa" in "Turnabout Intruder." Still, some sources credit her as Martine in that episode. (She also appeared in deleted scenes from "Space Seed.")

I used to wonder why minor supporting actors often show up again later with a different chacter name, when using the original name would work just as well. Like in "Shore Leave," Angela Martine became Angela Teller, for no apparent reason, and then she became Lisa in "Turnabout."

An answer came indirectly, when Walter Koenig talked about Khan recognizing Chekov in TWOK despite his not having been in "Space Seed." Koenig said was highly aware of the discrepancy, but never mentioned it on the set of the movie for fear that they would correct the oversight and thereby cut his role down to nothing.

I'll bet actors like Barbara Baldavin never kicked up a fuss about their character names because, for all they knew, the new name might be important to a producer, and the show might have a policy against actors returning in a different role. If that might be the case, the actor fears that speaking up and being too helpful could cost her the job.
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