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I'm sitting in on a couple of classes!

I got my BA in 2005 and then went to the local law school. Finished it and passed the Bar despite health issues, but I'm not practicing. I didn't really want to be a practicing lawyer, I'm just competitive enough and have enough of an inferiority complex that I wanted to tie my husband (Bachelor's, doctorate, license) and prove to myself that I could achieve something at my limits. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, so Hubby isn't happy with my staying home "doing nothing." While he's wrong on my activities, I do have a lot of time available. So I figured, new semester, let's see if my English profs will/can let me sit in on a class or two.

Today was the first day of these classes. This one prof, who kinda remembers me from years ago, agreed. So now I'm taking English Renaissance Literature and Chaucer. She read a bit of Chaucer out loud. Sounded like Amy Farrah Fowler. It'll be nice to listen and learn without having to worry about assignments, quizzes, essays, and tests.

I'm not formally enrolling because I'm not seeking credit and the school likely wouldn't allow it anyway as I have too many units, unless I was going for an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts), which I'm not. This is CA, they're limiting things like that now. I just enjoy learning. A law school classmate once commented about me and Hubby, after Hubby sat in on a couple of classes, "Why would he want to do that? Oh, I two like to learn things."

Anyone else want to be a perpetual student?
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