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Re: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Nice trailer. It'll be interesting to see how Kerrigan develops in this one.

Last time I checked out some HotS beta videos towards the end of last year, there were a metric fuckton of ongoing major patch balance changes, including significant unit additions/deletions. Has that settled down a bit down now that the release date is closing in fast or is it still all up in the air?

I must admit, all those major and rapid changes gave off the impression Blizzard didn't really know what they wanted from units and/or races and were flailing around trying to find a mechanical balance even if it didn't really work lore-wise. Healing the transforming mech battle hellions via medivacs and fudging the explanation by renaming them hellbats to suggest a lineage with firebats was kind of where I zoned out on following the beta's development. Yeah, I get that it's still just a beta, but I suppose I decided I'll just wait until release before taking a good look at it. I hope Terran gets enough of a buff to be truly competitive again at the highest level (compared to WoL), and that Protoss gets some fresh strategies to play around with rather than being forced down relatively predictable (if effective) strats. I like that Blizz dealt with the infestor problem in WoL in a relatively robust - and even moderately imaginative - way (eventually) so I'm vaguely hopeful.

Anyway, while I don't really play Starcraft (I don't have the necessary RTS multitasking ability and lack sufficient motivation to work at it), I do enjoy watching competitive Starcraft. I hear that all the major tournaments (maybe not IPL?) will switch to HotS almost immediately post-release, which will be exciting. Some pros have been practising it almost exclusively for ages (eg WhiteRa) while others have barely touched it, so I'm guessing the first six months results will be really all over the place. Until the Koreans get their build orders down perfectly, and then normal order of business will be resumed.
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