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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

“Break left, Ripcord!” Sidewinder snapped as he triggered his flares and chaff. They had jumped into to absolute chaos—Raiders swarming around like Leonis hornets whose nest had been poked. “I do believe that Scorpia has bagged herself a Styx, Kaboose,” he muttered as he triggered the pod mounted KEW on the right side of the fuselage, sending a burst walking across the Raider trying to get a lock on Ripcord’s frantically evading Raptor.

“Sidewinder, Jester,” the wireless broadcast in Stefan’s ear. “I’ve got tone—Hydras locked.”

“Take the shot!” Sidewinder snapped. An old First War Raptor streaked by his cockpit, the rear gun spitting out fire at a Raider on his tail, and Sidewinder squeezed the trigger again—but he missed this time . . . and the ammo counter on the pod showed just forty rounds left.

“Raptors! It’s too hot! Spin up FTLs and abort the attack, say again, spin up the FTLs and abort the attack!” he snapped.

“Jester’s missiles are away,” Kaboose called out. “Come on, baby, go, go, go, go!” the EWO yelled, even as Sidewinder saw that he had brought the FTL on-line and it was charging—twenty seconds to jump.

In combat, twenty seconds was an eternity and Sidewinder winced as he saw three Raptors explode from the combined fire of a dozen Raiders—and scores more inbound towards him. He triggered the missile defenses again—maybe that would absorb a few shells at least—and he jinked hard right; but then the Raiders pulled up and sped away. “What the . . .,” he began, and then there was a flash of light and a full-up Basestar appeared right in his face. “FRACK!” he yelled as he spun the Raptor on its wing and narrowly missed impaling himself on of the long angular limbs.

His heart sank as he saw hundreds of fresh Raiders disengaging from the hull of the Nova, and then he nodded and flipped up a clear plastic cover and pressed it. “All Raptors get clear,” he growled. And then he shifted course back towards the junction of the upper and lower lobes.

“What are you doing, Sidewinder!” yelled Kaboose, as dozens of missile launchers began to track them.

“Stand by to jump!”

“It’s not charged!”

“Stand by to jump!” he shouted again as he ignored the threat warnings and squeezed the trigger—four Hydras lit off their drives and dove towards the Basestar . . . one of them carrying a nuclear warhead. “Jam their sensors, Kaboose! Full power!”

“Lords of Kobol,” the EWO whispered as Sidewinder followed the missiles in the Raptor’s powerful jammers reaching out and blinding the fire control systems of the Cylons.

“The Styx is gone!” Jester yelled out over the wireless.

Sidewinder blinked, “All Raptors get clear! Meet at the rendezvous! Kaboose, jump in three, two, one, JUMP!” he screamed as the missiles still bore home just ahead of the Raptor—and he saw the start of the fusion ignition as the jump drive engaged and carried him clear.
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