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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

I hope they do public weigh-ins like for big UFC and boxing fights.

And when he doesn't make weight, they play the loser horn from The Price is Right.

In other content, here's an amazing article about just how calamitous this offseason has been for Rube:

At Tuesday’s press conference announcing the Young deal, Amaro said they expect their new acquisition to become the everyday right fielder.

“While obviously Delmon’s got a lot more track record as far as success in the major leagues, he still can be competing for playing time,” Amaro said. “Ideally, he’d be playing right field every day for us but that’s not etched in stone. That will happen when he shows that he can play every day in right field for us.”

Young has not played right field since his rookie season in 2007. That was six years ago.

The iPad hadn’t been invented yet.

Since then, in the rare instances in which he’s actually put on a glove and manned a defensive position, he has played left field. However, he only did that 30 times in his 151 games last year, and when he did do it, he did it very, very poorly.

Even though Young’s contract is cheap, the simple fact is that he is not a good baseball player. In 608 plate appearances last year, Young hit .267/.296/.411 for an OPS of .707 and a wOBA of .305, with 18 HRs and 112 strikeouts. For his career, Young’s on-base percentage of .317 and OPS of .742 makes him nothing more than a replacement-level type player, as his career 0.6 WAR would indicate.

In short, Young does not get on base, does not work pitchers, does not hit for a whole lot of power, possesses no speed and plays terrible defense.
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