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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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Who knows? Filmation's background paintings were always the best in the business, really lovely pieces of artwork. Getting to see them in Blu-Ray might bring out details that we've never seen before.
It better.

And if it truly makes you (plural) happier, it might be worth the dough, to you.

I just perceive in the fandom a knee-jerk "Must buy it if it's offered." I sound arrogant, and for that I apologize. The past couple years my wife and I have been frugal and for once have some money in the bank, so I am always thinking about purchases more long-range. I'm the guy who keeps hemming and hawing about the LaLa land set. It would definitely make me happy for awhile. But it's a lot of money I could spend on "better" things.

Do I dare bring up whether personal happiness is what we should use as the basis for our purchasing decisions? Not on a board that presupposes we've all (self included, fo sho) spent many dollars on scifi frivolities.

Rambling, now, but thanks for the opportunity to discuss this.
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