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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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Sorry, Captain. I just can't buy that Edward J. Lakso had those themes in mind when writing the episode. Or that Freddie F had any of that in mind when asking Belli to take the role. I'm sure there are all sorts of ideas and messages in the episode, just not those.
And that is your opinion, and your personal right to hold that opinion - as long as that right is still yours - and has not been litigated away,on your behalf, by your Leaders.

So enjoy that freedom fully, while it lasts,... and just for fun, check out the episode - or any of the others that have been mentioned - and try not to sell those "Olde Tyme" writers so short,.. they might just be more clever than you are presuming,... AND, you might be entertained in a whole new way,.. like a Brave New World.
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