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Re: Do you want to see the Enterprise in your lifetime?

I do not mean to offend however; I don’t think you even considered this long enough to check it out. Not only is it practical but It would employ 10s of thousands of people for at least 20 years, maybe more. The Mars missions could give us continued technological feedback on just about everything we use in space. With a stable and sound platform the USS Enterprise could become a home away from home. And space, nearby moons, and asteroids would inherently seem not so far way. So as far as practical, I guess you have to determine if space is or was ever practical.

I would love to see the USS Enterprise fully envisioned as it has been portrayed in all the series however, I do also understand that we need to start somewhere and, I am not rocket scientist but if you read the website it seems feasible. A multi-functional vehicle is just what NASA and Space needs. The Moon missions, Mars missions, and Asteroid mission, both mining and study, are just the start. I am not part of the effort just a REALY enthusiastic space lover, but I could see us establishing asteroid and moon bases out further away such as Jupiter or even further.

As far as the “possible benefits” I cannot begin to describe the “possible benefits” but, if you look just at what the mission to the moon got us, from Velcro to Food storage, Propulsion to water and air filtering, from firefighting gear to LEDs, I think the benefits are WELL worth the cost.

I do understand that once you build the facilities to build, store, and maintain the equipment for the vessel you still have to maintain it. But what does that mean? It means Thousands if not 10s of thousands of jobs created out of “You gotta Dream” idea that will further the human race for millennia to come.

Identifying planets is not the hard part, per say. Getting there is. The closest inhabitable planet is Alpha Centauri Bb, 4.4 Light Years away.
Not exactly a stroll around the block.
But do you know what a stroll around the block is? Mars, Earth’s Moon, the asteroid belt.

I’m just saying. It’s like our solar system has all these places to go and not one wants to. Come on Just get in the car.?!.


We are still working on light speed travel and deflector shields. The proposed USS Enterprise design would use Ion thrust engines which would create little acceleration over a short distant but a lot over a large one. Right now it is not as important as getting us in space.


Check out the website. He covers the gravity issue on the website.

This is all just my opinion though. I just encourage everyone, even if you don't think if possible, feasable, or practical, or if you are just a party pooper, to go and check out the website. I think if will convince you.
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