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Such a forward-thinking, yet deep-seated, taboo doesn't make much sense though without an evolutionary component. Similar to the incest taboo having a biological component*. Would have been interesting to see this more explored, but if I recall...they already did a 'Dark secret of the Trill' episode.
It makes more sense when you consider that the symbionts past memories and desire may be unfairly influencing the thoughts and feeling of the current host.

Do you tihnk that having your memories and feelings influenced by anothers to the extent that you want to risk exile and death for the sake of reviving a romance with someone that you never met before and might not have been attracted to if it werent for your ability to recall someone elses memories count as a form of mind control/mind rape? I dont want to use that second term it seems so strong but it would certainly justify the harsh punishment.

Would you want to allow a symbiont with such disregard for its host and the traditions of Trill socioty to be allowed to pass on to another host and perhaps abuse that host in a similar way? By unfairly influencing the current host to reassociate with a past lover the symbiont not only fails to 'move on' it prevents the host from living a life of their own choosing and instead forces them to abide by the choices of the symbiont.

Unfortunately the writers dont really explore that issue.
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