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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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Casting Belli as a corrupter and manipulator of children with nefarious plans to conquer the universe is an odd way to send a subliminal message about lawyers.
To quote: "Fascinating,.. absolutely fascinating."

The hidden WARNING is about who is leading your world,.. again, it is ALLEGORY & PARALLELISM, the tools of Science Fiction writers who want to comment on society, and the future of mankind.

The so-called 'Children' are the innocent, trusting, up-and-coming society-at-large. The so-called 'message' is a veiled WARNING to those children about their future IF they buy into the corruption and lies, and allow themselves to be lead by fpr example,...... Lying Litagators (Perhaps you were not aware that most senators and many congress members are Lawyers too -but they have NO corruption or lies???) The so-called 'Universe' is simply a macro-example of our world.

"Turn the Telescope back around".

And again, those STAR TREK writers ended up right on the money,.... or perhaps you do not live on Earth in 2013?

Or, just follow the spoon fed cover stories, do no thinking, and simply accept the titles, anomalies in ship & character names, terms, character actions, and other inconsistencies only exist by accident, laziness, and coincidence.

And jump on the band-wagon and trumpet about what a bad episode this one is.

Again, anytime something on TOS seems out of place on these shows, is the first place you want to dig,.. it is a trail of bread crumbs leading you to the truth of what the writers were actually trying to say while avoiding the CONTROL AND SUPPRESSION OF THE CENSORS.

And actually see the GORGON for what it is , and what the actual point of telling this story is all about - by thinking it through, doing the research for yourself, not buying into the easy 'cover story', or being distracted by the rubber monster,...and asking the questions when the "What the heck_____" moments appear; again, they are guide posts left behind.

Strike three.
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