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There's no face on Mars. "Ancient Alien theorists" appearing in the media are idiots, con men and loonies. Von Daniken is a crackpot and the entire premise that extraterrestrials were responsible for a single thing we know about the history of this planet is moronic beyond belief, pabulum for the credulous.
Meh. Is it any less "moronic," than a 'god,' depositing his DNA into a middle eastern Jewish woman named Mary - having a child who at the age of 33 has a grand epiphany that he's also a god/man who goes onto magically create food out of thin air, make water into wine, and even raise a man from death.?

If Von Daniken is a 'crack pot,' so were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
Did you have a point, or do you just consider yourself clever?
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