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Re: The STAR TREK III-Love & Appreciation Thread

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I love the movie, but I laugh everytime I see the costume Chekov is wearing.
In Russia, the costume wears YOU! ...Yeah, I know, that joke's been done to death.

I feel like I should've been the one to start this thread! Part 2 of the "Star Trek Trilogy," otherwise known as Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, remains to this day as second only to its immediate predecessor among all the Trek films, as far as I'm concerned. There is really nothing I would change about it.

It's true that Star Trek III does more or less hit the reset button where Spock is concerned, and in a way that requires you not to examine it too closely. However, what the crew goes through to make sure that happens (showing that they, like their fallen comrade, have within them the selflessness to sacrifice everything for those they care about) is what drives the plot. This is where some of the best drama of the entire film series is present. Commander Kruge may be several steps down from Khan Noonien Singh, but who wouldn't have been? Christopher Lloyd shows here that he's just as good at playing a cold-hearted bastard as he is at playing endearing, light-hearted characters.

Star Trek II and Star Trek III are movies I have loved since before I entered public school. They both still hold up fantastically, and both appear in my top 20 favorite films of all-time!
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