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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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If the writers wanted to get the message across that someone is a book expert, they would name the character "Liberace" not cast Liberace in the role.
Any more than they would purposefully cast famed Attorney MELVIN BELLI, The King of Torts, to play the Gorgon in 'And The Children Shall Lead?
A LAWYER playing a LAIR?

Tricky thing about those "Stone-age" STAR TREK writers, you have to look all around. Sometimes the clues are in what the characters say, and sometimes in what they do (being two things which do not always work in concert), and sometimes you just have to think real hard about the effort that went into to trying to get you to think for yourself.
Yes, because Belli would love to appear in a role the plays into the demeaning stereotypes of his profession.

Obviously Memory Alpha has been fooled by some clever deception, no doubt instigated by a lawyer.
PLEASE do some research if you have no idea about what Melvin Belli was all about,... he passionately fought against corruption in all forms, but especially against corrupt businesses which put forth faulty products to the UNSUSPECTING & TRUSTING.

His dedication to save the innocent from evil businesses and their CORRUPT LAWYERS (Research Dow, Breast Implants, and Belli) killed him financially.

Has nothing to do with lampooning stereo-types, it was what the man was all about if YOU dig into the facts.

Strike two.
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