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Re: Abrams: Expect To Cry

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Yeah, but we know that Kirk and Spock etc are running around doing just fine in the Prime Universe, so I give as much of a shit about these new guys as I do that Riker who got blown up in that Borg war universe in Parallels

In stark contrast to all the youngins who don't give a shit about anything that may or may not have happened in the prime universe.

I guess it all comes down to which demographic is preferable to CBS/Paramount.
That doesn't work in my case, barbecue I've been watching Star Trek since 1972 or 1973 -- I can't quite remember, but it was around that time. The first time I saw an episode of Star Trek (it was Space Seed) was the first time I had even HEARD of Star Trek; I just happened upon it by accident, not knowing what it was...

...I was turning the channels on my parents TV one day and saw them materializing after being transported to the Botany Bay. That caught my attention at first, but what really got me wanting to see more was the first time I saw Spock.

My brothers and I used to play Star Trek at home in the mid-1970s. We would move the recliner chair (comfy-chair) into the middle of the living room as the captain's chair, and we would face the painting on the wall above the sofa a treat it like the view screen. I would often play Scotty, and go into the garage with my walkie-talkie, talking to my brother, who was Kirk, on his walkie talkie. My other brother would be Spock. When I wasn't Scotty, I would be Chekov, and sit at the coffee table (which was between the recliner/captains chair and the sofa painting/view screen). The Coffee table would be the helm and Nav console.

So I am an old-time TOS fan, and I still can separate Pines Kirk from Shatner's Kirk -- while still considering BOTH of them as being Kirk. Two versions, but the same character traits.

I care about the prime universe, but only from a "basic character trait" perspective, and not from a "specific events that transpired" perspective. Abrams' Kirk can still be a valid Kirk, with Kirk-like character traits, even if the events that happened to prime universe Kirk never happen to him.

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