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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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Yeah, maybe. And it could be that the color looked different depending on the settings of the individual viewers' color TV sets, which could be much more unreliable back in the '70s. But still, it stands to reason that since Devna was an Orion female, she was intended to be green, so I'd still say calling her "golden-skinned" is an error, even if it was an honest error of perception.
Why? There were blue-skinned Orions in TAS, too. Must all Orions be green? Or green or blue?

Plus, the fact that Devna's lips and eyes were a different color from her skin (and themselves definitely green) show that there was a distinction intended between her skin and lips. Maybe she was wearing green lipstick. Calling her skin something other than green just doesn't seem like something as erroneous as, say, getting a starship registry number seen on screen or spoken aloud wrong.
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