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Re: Remove One Letter

Rock Island Lie - "I fooled you, I fooled you, I got pig iron, I got pig iron, I got all pig iron."

Oh, wait...


True Les - action comedy about a secret agent who hides his profession from his family by pretending to be British comedian Les Dennis.

Y Tu Mma Tambien - comedy drama road movie about two Mexican friends who go on a road adventure and take part in mixed martial arts.

Yes Wide Shut - Stanley Kubrick's final movie, an erotic thriller with Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne.

The Spy Who Loved M - subversion of the classic Bond movie where Barbara Bach begins a love affair with Bernard Lee's character.

Rock - a big lump of limestone has a go at becoming heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Oh, wait a minute...

Dr. Who and the Dales - sci-fi drama in which Peter Cushing encounters a race cloned from the embryonic cells of Dale Winton.
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